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Family Packages

Camping is a perfect way to fabricate a closer relationship between parents and kids Spending time with your kids with sufficient amount of security and safety is what we offer in our family packages. The view of twinkling stars in moon twilight and the flicker of campfires, the chuckling sound of your children having fun while indulging in all those restricted activities are real treats accessible in our family camping.

Camp Carnival, Kanatal gives you and your family a chance to rejoice: Fresh air. Imagine when that cool breeze hits you the first thing in the morning. Heavenly it's Birds chirping. Dismiss that alarm and enjoy the dawn when birds awake you. Aroma of nature. That blissful smell of grass, earth, and the open air. It's rejuvenating. A Trouble Free Vacation. Relax and forget all your worries.

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Group Family Packages

Family camping is the ideal way in bringing the members of a family closer to each other. It strengthens the relationship between grandparents, parents and children. Camping with one's kids and other family members is quite an unforgettable experience, which one cannot afford to lose. Relishing the best that nature offers while keeping in mind the limitations and constraints of all age groups is an icing on the cake.

In today's world, families are stretched further across the nation. Latest technologies make available to be in touch and communicate easily with far away family members. Still it cannot surrogate the warmth of a grandfather's hug or the story times with one's grandmother. Thats where Group family packages by Camp Carnival, Kanatal come in. If Group Family camps aren't already a custom in your family, it's worth starting.

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Corporate Packages

At Camp Carnival, we offer corporate camping with all new experience of leisure filled with adventure and sport activities. If you get bored from well-planned holidays and planned & packaged tours, we provide an ideal nature camping promoting "back to nature" and "eco-tourism." Camp life, beautiful and captivating environment makes you feel like lying in nature's lap. Special yoga classes relax your mind, body and soul. The experience helps you in rejuvenating yourself.

Camp Carnival, Kanatal provides the organization with an opportunity to open up and built a new bond with their employees. Corporate packages offered by Camp Carnival, Kanatal helps team-building and help make improvement in the corporate environment.

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College & Institute Packages

Come with your friends and classmates to make a new bonding of having fun together. Make the days of your college and studies, days to remember and cherish afterwards. Young generations do have an inquisitive urge and courage to run beyond the unadventurous defenses of life. They opt for a demanding approach and make the most out of it. We at camp carnival have special adventure activities for the young and strong youths.

When an institute arranges a camping trip with students, the main goal is taking them out of the regular and comfortable atmosphere of the academics and offer extra- curricular activities. Camp Carnival, Kanatal brings out the best in the young students and help them polish and live their hobbies.

Family Camping In Dhanaulti

School Packages

We at Camp Carnival offer an all new experience of school camping filled with lots of fun activities. Children get the opportunity to take part in dance, trekking, games arts and craft and many more. The camping acts as fun-telligent learning cum educational experience. Various exercises are incorporated as a part of the education sessions. Beautiful and captivating environment helps the children to come out of the room and feel the nature.

We are well-known for yielding happy campers who head off better prepared for the challenges they face, encouraged to build their individual capacity, and raised to understand that their lives are valuable and significant. We at, Camp Carnival, Kanatal provide an exhilarating and secure camping experience that inspires, nurtures and equips students through our school camping packages that are customized to meet the requirements of each group.

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Day Picnic Packages

Make a short trip with your family, relatives or friends .Refresh yourself with breathtaking scenery at Kanatal .We also arrange games for people of all ages from kids to grownups. Today, the technology has taken over the growing generation. Kids today have forgotten the meaning of outdoor games and enjoyment. This has severely affected the health of the generation. Come along your kids and spend the day at Camp Carnival, Kanatal. Enjoy the scenic view and rejoice in the tranquility of Himalayas. Clean air will kick up your spirits and add to your creativity. Pollution Free atmosphere, chirping of birds, Chuckling sound of your kids will bring the perfect contentment. We can customize special packages that fully satisfy your needs. We also arrange fun activities for children & adults separately, adventure activities, team building games, recreational facilities, mouth-watering food etc. We make sure you have the most enchanting memories to capture and take back.

Key Activities Offered

Lots of activities to choose from

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